Welcomes the American People, U.S. Fashion Designers, Adventurous Companies, U.S. Manufacturers and the World to our website.

We are reaching out to those of you who believe in freedom of speech and expression and who utilize social media in your lives.

Please help us find the right connectors and “tipping point” all new businesses yearn for, as we officially launch our invention to the world through the Internet.

It is our dream to inspire others with our vision and contribute positive changes in the U.S.A. and the world.

We believe our F.O.S. trademark breathes freedom.

The trademark capital letters F, O, S with the three dots signifies freedom of speech and expression.

Our two U.S. utility patents for fashion apparel & accessories compliment one another and secures the “Spirit of our Invention”.

We call our invention – the F.O.S. fashion frame. We see it as the simplest new social media tool for the fashion industry.

The F.O.S. fashion frame is the “Invention FOR THE PEOPLE”. It is for all people of all ages in the U.S.A. and the world. We also believe the F.O.S. fashion frame indirectly helps “PAY FREEDOM FORWARD” through people’s intellect and creativity due to the F.O.S.’s purpose and use.

The F.O.S. can be an asset to anyone who wants to have fun with it. Maybe, even in some small way, the F.O.S. can be the seed for assisting individuals in fulfilling their dreams, allow people & businesses to share their passions and even help humanity and social justices with the assistance of social media.

Thank you for giving us your time . We hope you enjoy it and have fun viewing our unique, atypical website format.

It would make us very happy if the F.O.S. fashion frame inspires and empowers individuals and businesses’ imagination in ways that were never thought of before. Have a great day!

 Please visit our product demonstration page.